Feeding A Baby While Traveling

Once you have made a decision of going out with a baby for the first time. Apart from thinking just about the other interesting stuff, what to feed a toddler while traveling is also a very important thing to think on.

Many people repeatedly go with their child or baby or toddler, but frankly speaking, it is not that easy or smooth thing to carry forward. For that, it is important to have proper organization and management of things at the same time you need to be more flexible.

While thinking about the baby toddler’s food, it is the thing which is very important. Normally parents prefer to take purees and meals which can be mixed with any shop food products. But it is possible that a baby may reject that food. Like normal other babies, they normally prefer to have a food made by you only. After testing almost every brand, kids still like the taste of your cooked food.

Ice packs and food bag insulated:

In order to keep the homemade food fresh and last it for a longer time, it is important to use insulated food bags. If you are going to travel in a plane, then you are allowed to carry enough baby food, ice gels to keep the food cool, also baby milk sterilized water as well. It is beneficial to carry all this with you in case of an emergency.

Food mill or a portable blender:

If you are at some restaurant and your baby is not willing to have any food there, then it is the very simple thing that you can do is asking the restaurant management whether they can boil some vegetables and you can easily blend those by using a portable blender. You can easily get one in the market which is rechargeable and smaller in size. If you wish to spend some more amounts, then you can easily get a steamer with a blender at the cost. And these blenders are very portable that they can be easily fit in your bags and luggage. Disposable Placemats are one of the best option when you travelling with your little one.

Food jars and thermos:

When you are out of home for nearly a whole day then thermo jars are the best solutions you can go for. They help in keeping food hotter for almost 5 hours. This can be combined with a blender, which means if you have cooked something for lunch then, you can still use it for dinner as it is going to stay hot for that duration.

Extra containers and food cubes:

If you are about to go for a journey in a car then keep some frozen food cubes in insulated bags, so they can thaw and can become ready to eat after some time. You can do the same thing while going abroad as well. Make a batch of food, and keep some containers always handy so that some extra food can be kept in them.

Instant baby food: Try to get the instant food when you are traveling abroad. Fruits like bananas and avocado can be mashed using a fork and can be feed right away.


How Aloe Vera Gel Is Good For Us

It is normally used in medicines for constipation, worm infestation, infections, and skin diseases by Indian traditional medical style, whereas in Chinese medicine, it is used for fungal diseases, whereas is specially used in cosmetics, food industries, and pharmaceutical industries in the Western world. Manufacturing aloe Vera is the world’s largest botanical industries.

Benefits of Aloe Vera:

Two substances are made with Aloe Vera, namely; The Gel created by cells of the leaf and Latex is generated from under the cell of the leaf. Aloe Vera Gel is used as a remedy for skin issues like sunburn, burns, frostbite, psoriasis, and cold sores. It is also used for osteoarthritis, fever, bowel diseases, inflammation, and itching. Other benefits of it are, it is used to treat asthma, diabetes, stomach ulcer, soothing effects of treatments like radiations. Latex I used in treatment for depressions, asthma, constipation, diabetes.

Nutritional Facts of Aloe Vera:

They are one of the 420 species of the Aloe; the scientific or botanical name is Aloe barbadensis miller, which is from Liliaceae family. It has triangular and fishy leaves with serrated edges. It was originally found in Sedan and later generated in Mediterranean region and other areas like Asia, India, Africa, America and Europe.

Aloe plant leaf is full of Aloe gel, which is a clear jelly like substance. Latex is yellow in color. Some products are manufactured with the whole crushed leaf, s they contain both Gel as well as latex. It had searched that Aloe Vera contains 75 components like lignin, saponins, anthraquinones, enzymes, salicylic acids and many more. It also contains amino acids and the eight amino acids. It is also useful in maintaining proper body system as it contains various important vitamins and minerals. The components contained in Aloe Vera are as below;

  • Minerals like copper, calcium, selenium, chromium, magnesium, potassium, sodium, zinc.
  • It has Antioxidant vitamins A, C, and E, B12, choline and folic acid.
  • It has eight enzymes such as aliiase, amylase, brabykinase, carbixypeptidase, catalase, lipase, cellulose, peroxidase, alkaline phosphatase
  • Four fatty acids are there like campesterol, cholesterol, lupeol, and siosterol.
  • It can produce sugars like monosaccharide and polysaccharides.
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    Natural Fruits Which Can Make You Beautiful

    When you have any problems with you, your skin starts reacting weird. You must know which fruit to eat and which one to apply on your skin. The list is given below:

    1. Lemon: They are bleaching agent naturally. They contain vitamin C and antioxidant which helps to prevent photo damage and hyper pigmentation.
    • Add lemon juice to your salad.
    • Add lemon juice and organic honey in a glass of water and drink first in the morning.
    • Rub lemon and sugar on the keratinized areas which can lighten skin and helps to reduce keratinization.
    1. Papaya: It contains A, C, B, pantothenic acid, and minerals like copper, potassium, magnesium. They have enzymes like papain, chymopapain that helps in prevention from skin damage and also contain antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral. It helps in the treatment of corns, eczema, and corn.
    • Take a small piece of papaya and mesh and apply it on the skin. Take out after 10 minutes.
    • You can make a papaya scrub with a small piece of papaya. 1 tsp of orange peel. 1 tsp of rose water. Circulate it in gentle motion and rinse with water
    • Prepare papaya smoothie. Blend papaya with lemon juice, and pink Himalayan salt.
    1. Avocado: It is full of dietary fiber, fats, pantothenic acid, vitamin E, A, C, K. It contains antioxidant properties that help to reduce DNA damage. Healthy avocado help to gain skin’s elasticity speed up wound healing. How to use avocado for clear skin:
    • Make a smoothie with avocado and spinach.
    • Avocado can be used in cakes and toppings.
    • You can use it in a salad, wraps, sandwiches, etc.

    1. Orange: They have vitamin C, which is an antioxidant, 100 grams of orange contains54 milligrams of vitamin C. It helps in reducing oxidative damage, DNA damage, and photo damage. How to add oranges to your daily diet:
    • Add in a smoothie.
    • On pigmentation, apply orange juice topically. And rinse after 10 minutes.
    • Add it to your salads, pizza, stew, cakes.

  • Watermelon: It contains dietary fiber (0.4%), sugar (0.4%), water (92%), carbs (7.55%), vitamin C, A, B1, B6, flavonoids, lycopene. It helps in scavenging free oxygen radicals and helps in prevention from skin damage. Improves bowel movement. How to use watermelon for clear skin:
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    What Should You Eat For Glowing Skin ?

    In the US, skin care market is multi-billion dollar industry today. There are many commercials and advertisements which guarantee smoother and younger looking skin, but actually they are not aware of the actual impact on our skin is due to the food we eat and not the cleansers and creams we apply topically.  You must try to add these eight foods in your diet for younger and glowing skin.

    1. Salmon, sardines, and anchovies:

    As it contains large amount of dimethylaminoethanol (DMAE) that strengthen the cell membranes and guards out skin against deterioration causing premature aging. It also enhances acetylcholine levels, which is a neurotransmitter which is responsible for muscle contract and makes your skin tighten by which your face looks toned and firm. DMAE helps to decrease production of arachidonic acid, causes wrinkle formation and skin sagging. One more thing, always take fresh meat it will help you to heal damaged skin cells much faster.

    1. Spinach, Broccoli, and Brussels sprouts:

    These leafy vegetables contain a higher amount of alpha lipoic acid (ALA). Free radicals that cause aging are controlled by its higher concentration of antioxidants, due to that ALA is the best anti-aging agents available. It also helps to decrease under-eye circles, puffiness, redness and blotches, which helps to minimize wrinkle appearance.

    1. Grapefruit:

    Freshly produced Vitamin C, helps to heal skin damages due to the sun and pollutants. It helps to produce new skin by collagen stimulation, reduces wrinkles and gives an overall smoother texture to the skin as well. A single grapefruits has more than 100% vitamin C for a day required for the skin, so it is the best way to fix your skin.

    1. Blueberries:

    It has been concluded by the US Department of Agriculture that Blueberries have the antioxidants more than any other fruits. Blueberries help to keep your skin look young and smooth with their antioxidants, but also good protective from memory loss cardiovascular disease and cancer. So they are not only good for just a skin, but they are also helpful for the entire body to stay young and healthy as well.

    1. Oysters:

    It is surprising that a favorite aphrodisiac shellfish is your skin helper. That contains zinc, which is a mineral that helps to make proteins which are required to repair harmed tissues and formation of new ones. To have it in your diet helps your skin, nails, eyes, and hair.

    1. Walnuts:

    They have omega-3 fatty acids, which are needed to our body on a larger amount, as body cannot create those on its own. Omega-3 helps in membrane protection. When you have stronger membranes, harmful agents cannot enter the skin and nutrients are allowed, and waste products elimination is done from the cell. Membranes with stronger cells have more water which results in smoother skin.

    1. Tomatoes:

    They are rich in lycopene, which helps to repair your skin from sun damages, and prevents it from premature aging with its antioxidant properties. It is researched that, people who have plenty tomatoes included in their diet are less prone to sun damages after being exposed to UV rays, as compared to others, as per the study published in the Journal of nutrition. After cooking the tomatoes, body can best produce lycopene, so try to include sauces and soups in your diet.

    1. Eggs:

    It contains nutrients called choline and lutein important for skin health. Choline helps in building fatty portion contains in cell membrane which makes a skin healthier and smoother. It also helps to regulate vitamin B levels in your body, which are important to make your skin firm and smoother, elastin and collagen. Lutein is important in protecting elasticity of the skin as well as it prevents skin damage.


    How To Keep Your Skin Glowing With Natural Fruits

    The skin’s reaction and the health for a stress, damage or environment is totally dependent on lifestyle and not load on the outside. Normally, different products are brought by us for treating different body parts like hands, feet face and other body parts. So this is the point of view of the beauty product world to look at us to have an attention for specific parts.

    Neither your face nor foot and your kidney are only you alone, we can say a Heart is the only organ that needs an attention when the blood pressure starts fluctuating. Different parts of the body are normally interconnected, bonded together with numbers of cells which are all dependent on you to have them a proper feed so to work them the best.

    Like that, you should do the same thing also to develop your health, control weight and also minimizing the risk of developing any diseases, are also the things that must be done for having a good skin. For that, it is required to that you do an exercise, get proper sleep, and eat healthier stuff only. If one organ you are suffering from then it means that your whole body is suffering through it. On doing these three things it will help you to lower down or eliminate the cause.

    Exercise is the magic for your body. It helps to improve heart functioning, helps to keep veins younger, flexibility, and staying fit, and helps to improve how cells burn energy. It also helps in improving the efficiency of the circulation, keeping the cells furthest from the heart, as the skin is well nourished. It also allows the toxins to get out of the body the oily residues causing blemishes, clogs, and damages.
    We are known what Beauty Sleep is.

    This was not introduced by coy actresses from the 1950’s. Beauty and sleep go together. Sleep helps you to get recovered from the stress and gives you a time to renew and conserve the energy the production of growth hormones is done by it during sleeping to let the body use amino acids as they help to repair bones, muscle, tissues, skin. While sleeping, the metabolic activities of the skin rise as the fixation of issues are done that had caused during a day.

    Food works as a building block for the bodies which helps to grow, repair and develop. Energy and nutrients are provided by plant-based foods. If the amount of food intake is not adequate, then we are starving our cells and not providing them with enough tools to function properly. Below-mentioned is some food which helps to look young and your skin as well. One thing you should also keep in mind that you have to use fresh fruits and its very difficult to keep fruits fresh. We advice you to use some small refrigerator or chest freezers available in market.

    • Almonds: They are rich n Vitamin E, which is antioxidant for defending damage caused by the sun. They are also responsible for maintaining a healthy weight. Those who regularly eat it do not gain extra pounds.

    • Chia Seeds: They are full with Omega 3 which has fatty acids helps to erase blemishes, softens your wrinkles, and make your skin supple and hydrated.

    • Tomatoes: A Rich color of the tomato is due to Lycopene compound. It works as a strong antioxidant that helps to eliminate skin-aging free radicals coming from an ultraviolet exposure. Vegetables and fruits with carotenoids help to get color with a healthy glow.

    • Watermelon: Watermelon, as the name suggests, is the best source of hydration and lycopene as well.

    • Sweet Potatoes: They are rich in caritenoids and vitamin c helps in boosting collagen production. They help to control firmness, strength and flexibility of the skin.

    • Citrus: It is the best source of vitamin c, helps to fight inflammation.

    • Peppers: It has more vitamin C than oranges, with other antioxidants. They are full of capsaicin, a compound which helps to improve circulation and helps to release toxins from the skin.

    • Spinach: It contains folate, vitamin D which helps in repairing DNA and reduces the risk of skin cancer. Green vegetables like kale, spinach, turnip greens, dandelion leaves, broccoli, and asparagus contain vitamin A, vitamin k, and iron. Iron helps in circulation and carries required oxygen and vitamin k helps in preventing varicose veins.

    • Olive and sunflower oil: It has omega 6 fatty acids which keep the skin supple. You must use them in moderate amount as they are calorie-dense.

    • Coconut Oil: It helps the skin internally and externally. Helps in providing sun protection and fights with bacteria and helps to get the soften skin.

    • Sunflower seeds: They contain selenium which helps in making the skin smooth and tight. It works as an antioxidant as well. They also have vitamin E which goes with selenium and helps in enhancement of effects of the both.

    • Strawberries: It contains vitamin C which reduces the risk of skin cancer.

    • Sesame Seeds: It has zinc, which helps to reduce oily sebum responsible for clogged pores.

    • Carrots: It has vitamin A from carotenoids. It helps in preventing overproduction of skin cells and which can cause clogged pores and skin cancer as well. read more


    Nikki’s Style – Color Me All Over

    Happy Springful Monday! Color, Color, Color is what I’m loving for Spring and Summer! From jewel tones to the bold and rich, I’m literally working on incorporating more color in my closet. The color was totally my inspiration for Today’s Style Post. I wanted to showcase how color can be the new black to spice up any outfit. From a colored vest to using pieces for just a pop of color of all black, I feel it can either add personality to what you wear or let some people see your wild side. (Hence the animal print) The best thing you can do for your wardrobe is given it a variety of color.

    Also read: How to keep your skin glowing.

    What I’m Wearing:

    Graphic Tank – H&M
    Cardigan Vest – Forever 21
    Paperbag Pants – Forever 21
    Animal Print Belt – Forever 21
    Animal Print Clutch – Target
    Suede Pumps – ALDO Shoes

    Nikki Style - Color Me All Over

    What did you think of Today’s colorful Style Post? Are you looking to add more or less color in your wardrobe this season?

    With Style,



    Val’s Style – Metallic Blues

    Hola chicas and happy Tuesday!  So am I the only one that watched the NCAA championship game last night?!? Not a big fan of either team but love the inspirational story with Louisville after the unfortunate injury to a teammate.  Enough with the sports blab…on to my look all metallic light and blue.  A little fancy yet still comfortable with a relaxed top and tie waist bright blue pants.

    I wish the pictures showed the detail of the blazer a little more it’s a creme background and textured gold fabric – like a jacquard – and adds a little luxury feel to the blazer.  Best part randomly found the blazer on clearance at Kohl’s when I was shopping for discounted workout gear and for less than $20 it was coming with me.  To finish the look I focused on playing up the metallics within the blazer and opted for metallic shoes and clutch.

    Style tip – colored pants can make an outfit more fashion-forward and serve as an alternative to denim.  Yes, colored denim is a staple but when you want to dress a little nicer choose a bold colored pant for your look.

    You can also read some beauty tips to keep your skin glowing.

    What I’m Wearing:

    Top – Forever 21
    Pants – Forever 21
    Blazer – Kohls
    Purse – Target/Neiman Marcus
    Bracelets – Marshalls
    Sunnies – Versona
    Shoes – Jimmy Choo

    So what do you think of this casual yet dressy look?  Are you adding a pop of color in your pants yet?

    With Style,



    Oscars Red Carpet – The Best, The Worst and The Rest

    OSCARS 2013

    Happy Monday Fashionistas! Were you like us sitting on the edge of your seats to catch the glamorous arrivals at this year’s Oscars? I know we were and for some reason the stars always begin their TOP fashion to the Oscars, always upstaging our red carpet arrivals we watch. So we compiled a few lists of the BEST, the WORST and the REST……

    Charlize Theron gave a jaw-dropping arrival to the red carpet in Dior Couture, which was structured and crafted to showcase her sophisticated cropped ‘do. She accessorized the column dress with Harry Winston diamonds to add a touch of bling to the minimal look that was a favorite of the night.

    Who says you have to wait to your wedding day to look like a blissing bride? Jennifer Lawrence not only won for Best Actress for her performance in “Silver Linings Playbook, but she won in this stunning Dior Haute Couture showered with diamonds by Chopard.

    Zoe Saldana showcases her feminine side on the red carpet in an Alex Mabile Couture gown of an adornment or two that were a hit with or without. Topped of with Neil Lane jewelry and Roger Vivier heel, Saldana makes anything look fabulous.

    OSCARS 2013 2

    Don’tyou just love the innocence of Anne Hathaway on and off screen? But this dress was truly a NOT for the red carpet, more appropriate for a spring wedding. From the sheer panels that bared her sides to the noticeable darts, this pink Prada dress was surely a miss for the Princess Diaries turned Les Miserables star.

    With a gown designed by her, Brandi Glanville decided that her dress hardly needed a top to go with it. This mermaid inspired flock was the WORST for us, from the topless bodice to the fabric choice this dress looks to be still in production. Help is surely needed.

    Jennifer Hudson missed us with the styling of this fabulous Roberto Cavalli gown that showcased her slimmer figure. Accessorized with a Jimmy Choo clutch, Giuseppe Zanotti shoes and Sutra jewelry, we just want to see more than a powerful voice from JHud.

    Michael Douglas could of wore a t-shirt and boxer briefs and still looked great next to the beautiful Catherine Zeta Jones in this baroque inspired gown by Zuhair Murad. Jones obviously just let the dress do all the talk with just a pair of statement earrings to accessorize this metallic masterpiece.

    George Clooney looked dappered in ….but gal pal Stacy Keibler stole looks in her metallic studded Naeem Khan gown accessorized in Lorraine Schwartz jewels.

    People’s Sexiest Man of the Year, Channing Tatum looked amazing in Gucci, while his beautiful wife, Jenna Dewan-Tatum showcased her bump in a laced Rachel Roy gown. All black never looked so good.

    Quvenzhane Halle

    Halle Berry arrived on the red carpet with an metallic neck plunging inspired Bond Girl dress created by none other than Versace. She always shows a little or a lot of skin tastefully and with grace. By her side was precious Quvenzhane Wallis dressed adorably in a gown by Armani Junior.

    Who was the Best, the Worst, the Rest dressed for you on last night’s red carpet? Who was your BEST dressed on the night?

    We have some secrets of celebrity who follows these beauty tips.

    With Style,


    Feature Fridays

    Friday Feature – Fashionably Fit Lara Yunaska

    Happy Friday, this week for our ’Fashionably Fit’ series, Style to Envy got a chance to chat with Lara Yunaska, Story Coordinator at Inside Edition, executive committee member of Eric Trump Foundation, former pastry chef, personal trainer and fitness inspiration.  This beautiful New York transplant is a southern girl and went to high school and college with our own Val and she is indeed Fashionably Fit.

    Take a look at what we chatted about:

    Q: How do you stay active on a constant basis?
    A: To me, working out and staying healthy is a priority. I wake up during the week at 5 am in order to make sure I get in my exercise! (And trust me, in the dead of winter in NYC, that is NOT fun!) I always feel better afterward, so, it’s a MUST!

    Q: How would you describe your personal style?
    A: My personal style takes cues from a few different places – I really enjoy mixing styles.  I’m a big fan of mixing high-end and very affordable –  Target skirt or jeans with an expensive blazer or blouse.

    Q: Who or what has been your greatest fashion influence?
    A: I would like to say that my biggest fashion influence has been my friends. I have some very well-dressed friends and acquaintances! It’s also about knowing your body and what works. I have an athletic physique (especially my legs!), so, sometimes the skinny-cut Capri pants just DON’T work!

    Q: Who or what has been your greatest fitness influence?
    A: My greatest fitness influence has probably been my dad. He’s 65 and still manages to play 3 hours of basketball and go to the driving range EVERY DAY. Growing up, physical fitness was very important in our house and I attribute my love for sports to that!

    Q: What is the exercise you ‘love to hate’ the most? It works you but you HATE every second of it!
    A: Sometimes I workout with my boyfriend’s trainer and he makes me do these crazy jump squat drills – I want to DIE the whole time, but I know it’s working

    Q: At the gym, are you fashionable or non-fashionable in your fitness attire?
    A: Well, I’m obsessed with Lululemon, so, I guess that would qualify me as “fashionable”! I will say that I don’t EVER wear makeup when I work out (that’s a great way to clog your pores!).

    Q: What’s your eating/diet habits (paleo, eat clean, cheat day)?
    A: I’m pretty good most of the time. I grew up (thanks, mom!) eating lots of fresh fruits and veggies, so, that’s naturally what I gravitate towards. I’m not a huge meat eater – my favorite food is probably sushi. If I’m going to cheat, you will catch me with a jar of peanut butter and a spoon – YUM!!!

    Q: Biggest fitness accomplishment to date:
    A: I think my proudest moment was finishing my first marathon – there’s nothing quite like the high you have after it’s over!

    Q: Favorite food treat (clean eating) and naughty splurge:
    A: My favorite “clean” treat would have to be these carob and peanut butter-covered rice cakes that I get at an organic health food store. If I’m going all out, I’m eating Reese’s! (Yes, all about peanut butter – told you!)

    Q: Fill in the Blank: People would be surprised to know that _____________________
    A: I love escaping the city on the weekends; New York City is an amazing place to be during the work week, but, there’s nothing like waking up on Saturday morning in the country – I love it!

    Lara is surely the picture of health and fitness and with her jammed pack schedule she makes fitness a priority and always looks elegant and chic.  To learn more about Lara and her healthy lifestyle, follow her on Twitter and Instagram.  To learn more about The Eric Trump Foundation benefiting St Jude Children’s Hospital like the Facebook page.

    Interested in being featured like Lara? Please contact us via email and we would love to share your story.

    With Style,


    Feature Fridays

    Friday Feature – Fashionably Fit Maria Kang


    Happy Friday, this week we are excited about our ’Fashionably Fit’ series, Style to Envy got a chance to chat with Maria Kang, mother, wife, business owner and fitness inspiration.  We stumbled upon this California based fitness guru on Facebook and she is indeed an inspiration to all.

    Q: How do you stay active on a constant basis?
    A: I make it a priority to train intensely 5-6 days a week and complete it in the morning. If I need motivation I take a spin class, if I need more ‘fun’ I take a dance class, if I don’t want to go to the gym, I run on my home treadmill.  I have a lot of options.

    Q: How would you describe your personal style?
    A: In terms of workout clothes my favorite brands are Lululemon for capris and Nike for workout tops.  I love bright colors and to feel comfortable and fit to be flexible in my clothing.  In terms of regular clothes, I usually wear Miss Me jeans with a fitted top. In the summertime I love dresses. I’m very much a ‘girly girl’ I love flowers, lace, and hearts! (my engagement ring is even a heart!)

    Q: Who or what has been your greatest fitness influence?
    A: My mother first motivated me to exercise because she was in poor health when I was young. However, my biggest influencers were my first fitness manager, Jesus Sandavol and former boyfriend, Paul Hornick. They were both instrumental at a point in my life when I first started in the industry and had faith in my abilities as I was developing a passion for fitness.

    Q: What is the exercise you ‘love to hate’ the most? It works you but you HATE every second of it!
    A: I love/hate deadlifts and pushups. It’s a tie!

    Q: At the gym, are you fashionable or non-fashionable in your fitness attire?
    A: I would say I’m fashionable I like to stand out.

    Q: What’s your eating/diet habits (paleo, eat clean, cheat day)?
    A: I try to eat a whole foods, non-processed and somewhat raw diet. I consume 5 small meals a day and limit my carbs at night. I have a couple cheat meals on Saturday – sometimes on Wednesday also.

    Q: Biggest fitness accomplishment to date:
    A: Being fit after having 3 kids born in 2009, 2010 and 2011!

    Q: Favorite food treat (clean eating) and naughty splurge
    A: Clean Eating: Egg Whites and Black Rice – Naughty: any dessert

    Q: People would be surprised to know
    A: That I don’t use deodorant. I never have. I really don’t have a negative body odor!

    Maria is surely the picture of health and fitness and always gives an encouraging word on her blogs and Facebook page.  To learn more about Maria and her tips for a healthy lifestyle, stop by her official website and like her Facebook page.

    Interested in being featured like Maria? Please contact us via email and we would love to share your story.

    With Style,