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Friday Feature – Fashionably Fit Lara Yunaska

Happy Friday, this week for our ’Fashionably Fit’ series, Style to Envy got a chance to chat with Lara Yunaska, Story Coordinator at Inside Edition, executive committee member of Eric Trump Foundation, former pastry chef, personal trainer and fitness inspiration.  This beautiful New York transplant is a southern girl and went to high school and college with our own Val and she is indeed Fashionably Fit.


Take a look at what we chatted about:

Q: How do you stay active on a constant basis?
A: To me, working out and staying healthy is a priority. I wake up during the week at 5 am in order to make sure I get in my exercise! (And trust me, in the dead of winter in NYC, that is NOT fun!) I always feel better afterward, so, it’s a MUST!

Q: How would you describe your personal style?
A: My personal style takes cues from a few different places – I really enjoy mixing styles.  I’m a big fan of mixing high-end and very affordable –  Target skirt or jeans with an expensive blazer or blouse.

Q: Who or what has been your greatest fashion influence?
A: I would like to say that my biggest fashion influence has been my friends. I have some very well-dressed friends and acquaintances! It’s also about knowing your body and what works. I have an athletic physique (especially my legs!), so, sometimes the skinny-cut Capri pants just DON’T work!

Q: Who or what has been your greatest fitness influence?
A: My greatest fitness influence has probably been my dad. He’s 65 and still manages to play 3 hours of basketball and go to the driving range EVERY DAY. Growing up, physical fitness was very important in our house and I attribute my love for sports to that!

Q: What is the exercise you ‘love to hate’ the most? It works you but you HATE every second of it!
A: Sometimes I workout with my boyfriend’s trainer and he makes me do these crazy jump squat drills – I want to DIE the whole time, but I know it’s working

Q: At the gym, are you fashionable or non-fashionable in your fitness attire?
A: Well, I’m obsessed with Lululemon, so, I guess that would qualify me as “fashionable”! I will say that I don’t EVER wear makeup when I work out (that’s a great way to clog your pores!).

Q: What’s your eating/diet habits (paleo, eat clean, cheat day)?
A: I’m pretty good most of the time. I grew up (thanks, mom!) eating lots of fresh fruits and veggies, so, that’s naturally what I gravitate towards. I’m not a huge meat eater – my favorite food is probably sushi. If I’m going to cheat, you will catch me with a jar of peanut butter and a spoon – YUM!!!

Q: Biggest fitness accomplishment to date:
A: I think my proudest moment was finishing my first marathon – there’s nothing quite like the high you have after it’s over!

Q: Favorite food treat (clean eating) and naughty splurge:
A: My favorite “clean” treat would have to be these carob and peanut butter-covered rice cakes that I get at an organic health food store. If I’m going all out, I’m eating Reese’s! (Yes, all about peanut butter – told you!)

Q: Fill in the Blank: People would be surprised to know that _____________________
A: I love escaping the city on the weekends; New York City is an amazing place to be during the work week, but, there’s nothing like waking up on Saturday morning in the country – I love it!

Lara is surely the picture of health and fitness and with her jammed pack schedule she makes fitness a priority and always looks elegant and chic.  To learn more about Lara and her healthy lifestyle, follow her on Twitter and Instagram.  To learn more about The Eric Trump Foundation benefiting St Jude Children’s Hospital like the Facebook page.

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