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Friday Feature – Fashionably Fit Maria Kang


Happy Friday, this week we are excited about our ’Fashionably Fit’ series, Style to Envy got a chance to chat with Maria Kang, mother, wife, business owner and fitness inspiration.  We stumbled upon this California based fitness guru on Facebook and she is indeed an inspiration to all.

Q: How do you stay active on a constant basis?
A: I make it a priority to train intensely 5-6 days a week and complete it in the morning. If I need motivation I take a spin class, if I need more ‘fun’ I take a dance class, if I don’t want to go to the gym, I run on my home treadmill.  I have a lot of options.

Q: How would you describe your personal style?
A: In terms of workout clothes my favorite brands are Lululemon for capris and Nike for workout tops.  I love bright colors and to feel comfortable and fit to be flexible in my clothing.  In terms of regular clothes, I usually wear Miss Me jeans with a fitted top. In the summertime I love dresses. I’m very much a ‘girly girl’ I love flowers, lace, and hearts! (my engagement ring is even a heart!)

Q: Who or what has been your greatest fitness influence?
A: My mother first motivated me to exercise because she was in poor health when I was young. However, my biggest influencers were my first fitness manager, Jesus Sandavol and former boyfriend, Paul Hornick. They were both instrumental at a point in my life when I first started in the industry and had faith in my abilities as I was developing a passion for fitness.

Q: What is the exercise you ‘love to hate’ the most? It works you but you HATE every second of it!
A: I love/hate deadlifts and pushups. It’s a tie!

Q: At the gym, are you fashionable or non-fashionable in your fitness attire?
A: I would say I’m fashionable I like to stand out.

Q: What’s your eating/diet habits (paleo, eat clean, cheat day)?
A: I try to eat a whole foods, non-processed and somewhat raw diet. I consume 5 small meals a day and limit my carbs at night. I have a couple cheat meals on Saturday – sometimes on Wednesday also.

Q: Biggest fitness accomplishment to date:
A: Being fit after having 3 kids born in 2009, 2010 and 2011!

Q: Favorite food treat (clean eating) and naughty splurge
A: Clean Eating: Egg Whites and Black Rice – Naughty: any dessert

Q: People would be surprised to know
A: That I don’t use deodorant. I never have. I really don’t have a negative body odor!

Maria is surely the picture of health and fitness and always gives an encouraging word on her blogs and Facebook page.  To learn more about Maria and her tips for a healthy lifestyle, stop by her official website and like her Facebook page.

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