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Alicia DiRago of Dismount Creative and Whimseybox

Happy Friday Before Christmas Fashionistas!  Today’s Fashion Feature Alicia DiRago, blogger of Dismount Creative and Founder of Whimseybox, has taken DIY projects to notable fashion levels. Sue has designed, taught and have been featured by everyone from MAGIC,BlogHer, The Houston Chronicle, Martha Stewart Living, I Spy DIY, and plenty more. She has definitely shown us how you can turn a fun hobby into a recognizable business.

Take a look at what Style to Envy chatted about with Alicia DiRago:

Q: What were you doing before starting a fashion business here in Houston?
A: I wouldn’t call Whimseybox or Dismount Creative a ‘fashion business’ per se, but they are all about DIY and fashion DIY projects are some of my favorites! Before starting them I was a chemical engineer for 8 years in Chicago.

Q: What caused you to make a career change and start your own business especially a fashion business?
A: My husband took a job down here so I left my engineering job to move down here with him. Once we got here I thought I’d seek another engineering job but I decided to pursue my passion for DIY and craft. Also, part of the reason I started teaching classes through Dismount Creative was because I wanted to go to that type of class and make friends, but I couldn’t find any. So I started teaching them and made friends + a little money!

Q: So you have been blogging for quite some time now, how do you balance everything and still build
your brand?
A: I love to blog. I’ve always kept a journal and torn out magazine pages, but now I just do it online! But it would be hard to keep up with if I didn’t like it so much!

Q: What was the purpose of starting Dismount Creative?
A: The purpose for Dismount Creative was to make it easy and fun for people who don’t consider themselves ‘creative’ or ‘crafty’ to enjoy making something. I’ve found that when you get a group of girls together over food or drinks and start crafting that everyone has a great time.

Q: Out of all the DIY projects you have created and taught, which was your favorite and why?
A: Ack, such a hard question! My favorite is always changing but I suppose I’d say the DIY ball chain necklace is my current favorite. (I’m wearing it now!) I originally posted it on Dismount Creative here and then recently we shot a video for it on Whimseybox.

Photos courtesy of Dismount Creative

Q: Are there any DIY project trends we should be on the lookout for?
A: I think the trend of embellishing almost everything with studs + spikes will continue for a while. Also when in doubt, spray paint it gold!

Q: Do you believe that the DIY trend will continue to increase and if so why or why not?
A:Yes, I think DIY is here to stay. Without getting on my soapbox too much, I think that as we live in an increasingly digital culture and we’re missing the experience of working with our hands and creating something tangible. I think people will continue to seek these kinds of craft and DIY experiences to balance them out.

Q: You have a second venture called Whimseybox that we have heard great things about. What brought about this new venture and the whole purpose behind it?
A: I started Whimseybox because as my blog grew I would get emails from all over the country and world where people would ask if I might teach a class in their town. Unfortunately there was no way to get to all of these places in person (though I’d like to try!) so I was looking for a way to send the DIY and craft experience straight to their doorstep. And that’s what Whimseybox is all about – making it fun and easy for people to get making! We do it through a monthly subscription box and a website full of DIY and craft ideas, tips, techniques and trends.

Q: What can we expect from you in the future with your brand?
A: One of the things I am excited about with Whimseybox is the opportunity to combine content, community and commerce so in 2013 we are focusing on adding additional offerings in each of those area. More content, an improved community experience and new ways to buy. 

Q: Any advice for anyone wanting to turn their hobby into a business…..
A: Just start! You’ll never be able to know everything before you begin, so you just have to figure it out as you go. Turning your passion into a business is the hardest and most rewarding work you can imagine. It may sound cliche, but it’s true.

Photo courtesy of Whimseybox

Alicia DiRago is surely a Fashion Feature to keep an eye on for any inspirational DIY projects and turning your hobby into a business. To learn more about Alicia DiRago, her blog, Dismount Creative and her business, Whimseybox , stop by her Official Website, Twitter, Facebook and Whimseybox for more tips of how to bring your own DIY projects to life!

With Style,

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