How To Keep Your Skin Glowing With Natural Fruits

The skin’s reaction and the health for a stress, damage or environment is totally dependent on lifestyle and not load on the outside. Normally, different products are brought by us for treating different body parts like hands, feet face and other body parts. So this is the point of view of the beauty product world to look at us to have an attention for specific parts.

Neither your face nor foot and your kidney are only you alone, we can say a Heart is the only organ that needs an attention when the blood pressure starts fluctuating. Different parts of the body are normally interconnected, bonded together with numbers of cells which are all dependent on you to have them a proper feed so to work them the best.

Like that, you should do the same thing also to develop your health, control weight and also minimizing the risk of developing any diseases, are also the things that must be done for having a good skin. For that, it is required to that you do an exercise, get proper sleep, and eat healthier stuff only. If one organ you are suffering from then it means that your whole body is suffering through it. On doing these three things it will help you to lower down or eliminate the cause.

Exercise is the magic for your body. It helps to improve heart functioning, helps to keep veins younger, flexibility, and staying fit, and helps to improve how cells burn energy. It also helps in improving the efficiency of the circulation, keeping the cells furthest from the heart, as the skin is well nourished. It also allows the toxins to get out of the body the oily residues causing blemishes, clogs, and damages.
We are known what Beauty Sleep is.

This was not introduced by coy actresses from the 1950’s. Beauty and sleep go together. Sleep helps you to get recovered from the stress and gives you a time to renew and conserve the energy the production of growth hormones is done by it during sleeping to let the body use amino acids as they help to repair bones, muscle, tissues, skin. While sleeping, the metabolic activities of the skin rise as the fixation of issues are done that had caused during a day.

Food works as a building block for the bodies which helps to grow, repair and develop. Energy and nutrients are provided by plant-based foods. If the amount of food intake is not adequate, then we are starving our cells and not providing them with enough tools to function properly. Below-mentioned is some food which helps to look young and your skin as well. One thing you should also keep in mind that you have to use fresh fruits and its very difficult to keep fruits fresh. We advice you to use some small refrigerator or chest freezers available in market.

• Almonds: They are rich n Vitamin E, which is antioxidant for defending damage caused by the sun. They are also responsible for maintaining a healthy weight. Those who regularly eat it do not gain extra pounds.

• Chia Seeds: They are full with Omega 3 which has fatty acids helps to erase blemishes, softens your wrinkles, and make your skin supple and hydrated.

• Tomatoes: A Rich color of the tomato is due to Lycopene compound. It works as a strong antioxidant that helps to eliminate skin-aging free radicals coming from an ultraviolet exposure. Vegetables and fruits with carotenoids help to get color with a healthy glow.

• Watermelon: Watermelon, as the name suggests, is the best source of hydration and lycopene as well.

• Sweet Potatoes: They are rich in caritenoids and vitamin c helps in boosting collagen production. They help to control firmness, strength and flexibility of the skin.

• Citrus: It is the best source of vitamin c, helps to fight inflammation.

• Peppers: It has more vitamin C than oranges, with other antioxidants. They are full of capsaicin, a compound which helps to improve circulation and helps to release toxins from the skin.

• Spinach: It contains folate, vitamin D which helps in repairing DNA and reduces the risk of skin cancer. Green vegetables like kale, spinach, turnip greens, dandelion leaves, broccoli, and asparagus contain vitamin A, vitamin k, and iron. Iron helps in circulation and carries required oxygen and vitamin k helps in preventing varicose veins.

• Olive and sunflower oil: It has omega 6 fatty acids which keep the skin supple. You must use them in moderate amount as they are calorie-dense.

• Coconut Oil: It helps the skin internally and externally. Helps in providing sun protection and fights with bacteria and helps to get the soften skin.

• Sunflower seeds: They contain selenium which helps in making the skin smooth and tight. It works as an antioxidant as well. They also have vitamin E which goes with selenium and helps in enhancement of effects of the both.

• Strawberries: It contains vitamin C which reduces the risk of skin cancer.

• Sesame Seeds: It has zinc, which helps to reduce oily sebum responsible for clogged pores.

• Carrots: It has vitamin A from carotenoids. It helps in preventing overproduction of skin cells and which can cause clogged pores and skin cancer as well.

• Dark Chocolate: It contains flavones which work as antioxidants, providing sun protection and helps in reducing the roughness of the skin and gives healthier appearance and feel.

• Whole Grains: They contain vitamin B which helps cells in assisting the processing fats for dehydration and revitalize the skin. A Complex can be mixed with fiber in whole grains which can be easily digested and absorption is done slowly and stops the creation of sugar spikes which can create acne. You must avoid having processed and refined sugar.

• Apples: They contain quercetin antioxidant which protects against sun damage.

• Protein: It is important to maintain the elasticity of your skin. You must have an adequate amount of amino acids in the body. Protein powders which are plant-based like the one classic-plus, which  makes it easy to have a delicious smoothie.

We must consider more than we eat, Smoking and exposure to sun must be avoided. It can damage your skin and make it look aged. 10-20 minutes sun exposure is healthy as it contains vitamin D, a strong antioxidant, and anti-carcinogen, but one must make a use of sunscreen if planning to go in the sun for a longer period. Stimulants like sugar and caffeine must be avoided. It causes upset hormone balances and messes the circulation. T also makes it harder for the body to take the rest required to heal.

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