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Fashionably Fit’ series, Style to Envy chatted with Josie of VM Fitness, an Instagram fitness inspiration, and star! We stumbled upon this unbelievably motivational fitness gal one day, started to follow and decided to have a little Q&A.


Q: How do you stay active on a constant basis?
A: I make sure to fit in a workout when it is most convenient for my lifestyle!  I’m an early riser and sometimes I do cardio early in the morning and then hit the weights later in the day.  It’s supposed to be an enjoyable lifestyle, so I fit it in where it works best for me!

Q: Who or what has been your greatest fitness influence?
A: My first fitness influence was actually Blogilates or Cassey Ho! I started doing her youtube at home workout videos when I was a freshman in college.  Then during 2012 summer I got more fit and healthy and found Instagram, and now that is my greatest fitness influence! Seriously, one little app full of the most supporting, motivating, kick butt people out there dedicated to the fit and healthy life!

Q: What is the exercise you ‘love to hate’ the most? It works you but you HATE every second of it!
A: I’d have to say… HIIT – high-intensity interval training, where you basically sprint it out like crazy for 30 seconds and then do a lower intensity move like walking for a minute then you repeat over and over again. You sweat BUCKETS and your heart is beating out of your chest and your lungs are DYING, but it’s real effective in targeting that fat, though!

Q: How would you describe your personal style?
A: I like “cute casual” clothes!  As a college student, I personally don’t have much time or reason to get all dolled up [hehe] even though I should! I usually just wear jeans and a T or hoodie and sneakers but when it warms up, maybe I’ll be daring and whip out some summer dresses and shorts and tanks!

Q: Who or what has been your greatest fashion influence?
A: Sometimes for ideas on what to wear with something, I’ll check out Instagram’s outfit of the day hashtags.  I also LOVE looking at Pinterest fashion boards for great ideas and the cutest outfits!

Q: At the gym, are you fashionable or non-fashionable in your fitness attire?
A: Now that DEPENDS on – cardio in the mornings, it doesn’t matter what I wear! But if I’m lifting weights, I like to wear some kind of cute tank top to see my arm muscles hahaha!  I’m a mix of fashionable and non-fashionable at times just shorts and a T, other times it’s a cute tank and capri pants!

Q: What’s your eating/diet habits (paleo, eat clean, cheat day)?
A: I eat clean 80% of the time and enjoy myself 20% of the time. It’s a lifestyle meant to be enjoyed – if I want a cookie here and there, then I’ll have it, it’s about moderation!

Q: Biggest fitness accomplishment to date:
A: Would have to be changing from cardio to WEIGHTS. Nothing feels better than being strong in the weight room to be leg pressing 360 lbs for 6-8 reps!

Q: Favorite food treat (clean eating) and naughty splurge:
A: My favorite clean food would probably have to be a slice of Ezekiel bread with natural nut butter and bananas! My favorite naughty splurge would be either a burrito or anything my parents cook – Vietnamese food is the best!

Q: Fill in the Blank: People would be surprised to know that ______________
A: I used to dance ballet and was on my high school dance team and danced in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade!

Josie believes the key to an active lifestyle is to just have fun and keep moving.  Even if you are not a lover of the gym there are so many ways to stay fit and maintaining a healthy diet is invaluable.  To learn more about Josie’s fitness tips and see her healthy lifestyle follow her on Instagram and Twitter and visit her blog.

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