Thursday Tip – Home Fashion Show

Hola chicas! One of the top fashion tips we can give is to get the most out of my wardrobe by re-styling your clothes to get the most looks with current pieces. To keep things fresh and to incorporate new pieces and trends go to your closet and have a home fashion show.  That’s right at home fashion shows!

Crank up the music, grab a glass of wine if you like and get to creating looks with your current pieces. Ladies say all the time they have a closet full of NOTHING to wear
which is most likely NOT true; they are probably just bored and sick of wearing the same looks over and over again. That unique top you only wear with those particular pants can be worn with jeans, a skirt or over a dress. Think outside the box and remember basic pieces and silhouettes will always work in an ensemble.

Not only will you be able to ‘mix up’ your looks but once you buy new items you will be able to work them into your current wardrobe options. Challenge yourself to pair that piece you have only worn once with a constant wardrobe staple. Creating new looks will take trial and error and that’s OK because every look won’t be a hit on the first try.

Top 5 reasons for a home fashion show

1 – Limit the times you ‘repeat’ an outfit. Match different tops and bottoms, wear a dress as a top, layer clothes or change the shoes for a new look.

2 – Give an old item new life. Many items are timeless and numerous trends repeat.  Ankle boots, pastels, stripes, patterns, and maxis are just a few trends which have come and gone and come back again!

3 – Try to incorporate a new trend. If you don’t love a certain trend but want to try it look to see what pieces you have currently that might work. For instance, I’m not a lover of neon but I’ve had the clutch for years and first incorporated it into a look until I ready to embrace the trend 100%.

4 – Try to recreate your favorite celebrity-inspired look. If you have loved a certain person’s style try to see what pieces they always wear. For instance, the Kardashians are all about blazers, leggings, skinny jeans and heels – most of these items are in everyone’s closet.


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5 – You save money! Instead of buying all new pieces use what you have.

So get to your closet and try a home fashion show before saying you have nothing to
wear while you stare at your closet full of clothes! We don’t want to be the only ones
having all the fun, creating looks ;)

With Style,

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