Thursday Tip – How to Pack for Vacation


Hola chicas! Team Style to Envy has travel and vacation on the brain and we can’t be the only ones!  A few weeks ago we showed you what to pack for a beach vacation and now we want to show you how to make it all fit in a carry-on.  Between the baggage fees and risk of lost bags, we recommend you always carry on your luggage and these tips will show you how to pack it all like a pro.

Beach Vacation
  • Step 1 – Plan out your looks and make a packing list for all your items.  Think about the activities you are going to do while on your trip and check the weather so you are prepared.  It’s nothing worse than an unexpected storm or cold front to ruin your perfectly planned outlook.  So make sure you pack items that are versatile and can be worn interchangeably.  Remember the key is to always maximize your wardrobe.


  • Step 2 – Fit the most items in your bag by using the perfect folding method. Don’t lay items flat and fold instead roll items tightly like a wrap or burrito. Lay items flat, fold lengthwise in half, fold over in half and then roll items tightly. The rolled clothing takes up a fraction of the space of the standard folded items.
  • Step 3 – Place all rolled items into the suitcase starting from one side and stack items on top of each other.  For extra space and organization place rolled items grouped by outfits into gallon size zip lock bags.  Stack all clothes and/or plastic bags starting from one side of the suitcase.


  • Step 4 – Place shoes and accessories inside pouch of the suitcase.  For additional shoes, find empty space along the edge of the bag and place shoes in available space.


  • Step 5 – Use the biggest handbag you can find for your personal item!  Totes, satchels and over-sized bags are perfect to be used as your additional item.  You can practically fit anything in some of these large purses so if needed you can opt to have toiletries, hair items, and beauty products in your purse along with your tablet or iPad.

Hope these tips were helpful to make packing a breeze for your next getaway!  What are some tricks or tips you use when you pack?!?!

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